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It started with a candle...

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Once upon a time a lonely weekend creates idea...

Sometimes ‘accidents’ and ‘candles’ can be brought together in a sentence with a slightly more positive outcome than expected.

Batch One was born in the futile search for a masculine looking candle, accidentally became a business, and is now growing into an ambition to create high quality and interesting products to make our homes, bodies and lives better. But it initially all started with a candle......  

I wanted to buy a candle for a male friend who seemed strangely comfortable spending £40+ a time on them, and had a huge range of incredible looking and smelling ones in his house. A candle for a gift felt a no-brainer, but finding one was a challenge.

I had little intention of spending £40 (like all of the others he owned), and all of the ‘reasonably’ priced candles under £20 felt cheap, lacked the quality I expected, or were simply too flowery and feminine looking to be appropriate. It seemed a high quality, good looking masculine looking candle didn’t exist unless you paid top dollar. So I decided I’d try creating my own. And here we are.

I started with a few principles.

Everything had to be premium quality. I wanted candles which maintained the highest quality product and process I could find. Our Batch One candles are made of 100% premium natural wax and the highest quality of wicks.

Make life a little better. Because otherwise, well, what’s the point? Our Batch One candles, and future products will be created to make people’s homes and bodies feel better. But equally I want the principle to extend to everything we do and everyone we meet. Be helpful. Be kind. Enjoy the experience. Leave with a smile.

Come with a story. I love stories. I like background. Life is more interesting when the unexpected lurks. It means we are always going to be hunting for interesting products, people doing things differently, or looking to be creative with what we do and how we do it.

Its early days at Batch One towers. There is a very long and interesting road ahead, and we can’t wait to see how and where we go. Come and join us for the ride.