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What's the best type of candle wax to use?

The great candle wax debate

With so many types of candle wax on the market (bee's wax, soy wax natural wax, paraffin wax, coconut wax) it is a bit of a minefield to find the ‘best’ one for you.

We wanted a high quality wax which accentuated our fragrance, burned well, and had the least impact on the environment.


Biodegradable natural wax it was.

Natural wax burns cleanly and lasts for a long time (40 hours on our 30cl candles, 15 hours for our 9cl ones). It creates a crisp but gentle glow meaning our candles not only smell great, but look great. 

Our Natural Blended Wax is created with pure, natural soybean oil and rapeseed with a few secret (but friendly) ingredients thrown in. To ensure we minimise the impact on the environment, all of our ingredients are composed from renewable resources.  

To prove we can never own mother nature, natural wax likes to have its own way; little blemishes and inconsistencies raise their heads from time to time (but never impede on the quality of the candle or the burn). We quite like it. It makes each candle unique.