February's mission: Helping young LGBT facing or experience homelessness

In 2021 we decided that we would support a new charity each month by donating £10 from a specific candle fragrance to a charity we have been inspired by.

This month Batch One are really proud to have be supporting AKT (formally the Albert Kennedy Trust) with our candles, which supports 16-24-year-old LGBT+ people experiencing or facing homelessness.

The combination of LGBT History Month, St Valentine’s Day, and the continued love for It’s A Sin guided us towards an LGBT+ charity this month, and the freezing weather conditions drove us to one who supported people on the streets. And AKT are brilliant.

Young LGBT are sadly one of the most vulnerable groups in the country; a whopping 24% of homeless people are LGBT+, and they are more likely to face abuse and violence on the streets than those who aren’t.

AKT helps by keeping those in need safe in a crisis, get emergency accommodation, and give them crucial advice to the services, experts and accommodation they need.

For every sale of our best-seller Silver Birch & Black Pepper, we’ll donate £10 to AKT at the end of the month.

If you’d like to donate to AKT directly - and you absolutely should - please go to https://www.akt.org.uk/donate/aktogether/30

Finally, this is all new to us. We’ll be testing what works (and what doesn’t), and how we can make a bigger impact month-on-month. If you have a great charity you’d like to recommend, please drop us a line. We are open to any charities but prefer to support smaller ones where every penny matters more. We are also suckers for anything that helps people in need, children, rewilding, or charities in SW London.

Spread love xx